BlogOctober 5, 2023by Sandy Shahady


I noticed that Gaston the Gator – that cute little reptile! – was deep in thought yesterday. He was sitting on the sofa, immersed in reading a history book on the subject of New Orleans. I asked him what was so interesting. He said well, I’m not reading about recipes, cooking delicious food, or food tours for a change. I laughed! He said, you know, New Orleans history is fascinating! I said that I was well aware of that. After all, I am a licensed and enthusiastic tour guide, and did my training with the Friends of the Cabildo – the most respected authority in the city! I recommend them highly.

I told Gaston about our founder, Jean-Baptiste le Moine, Sieur de Bienville. Ha, ha, say that five times fast! Jean-Baptiste is so fascinating to me. He was a classic adventurer – bold, fearless, strong, intelligent – a born leader – and maybe handsome. As least in my imagination he was good looking. But, alas, I was born too late. Yes, 305 years too late, to be exact. If I had been around in 1718, when he founded the French colony of New Orleans, I would have snapped him up, for sure!

Close your eyes and imagine what it must’ve been like … forests of giant old growth cypress, oak and pecan trees … dense and foreboding swamps; the mud making it nearly impossible to find solid land to build houses upon. Hordes of mosquitoes snakes and alligators. What determination it must have taken to create a small village in the face of such circumstances!

But create the village he did. For 305 years, our beautiful French Quarter has endured. Through natural disasters, such as hurricanes, fires and floods. Through changes of rulers … First the French, of course … then the Spanish … The Confederate … even Great Britain! … and the United States. The architecture and ambiance that we continue to enjoy are unequaled in the United States.

Explore this wonderful old area while taking a culinary tour with us, The Premier New Orleans Food Tour. We are locally owned, and take a personal interest in each of our guests. Our tour guides are knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They will impart details of our history, culture and how our local foods came to be so famous. Fun!

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