Well, the hubbub of Halloween is over, and now it’s time to think about being thankful. After all, it is November, Thanksgiving month. Gaston the Gator just told me how thankful he is that Naif and I were strolling around Bayou St. John that fateful day he when swam up to us. Me too, Gaston. Me too. We still can’t believe we have a talking, friendly alligator as our mascot!

I just told Gaston that we are thankful for him, and the wonderful way he engages our guests on The Premier New Orleans Food Tour. He’s always open for hug and a photo, and he loves seeing the smiles on the guests’ faces while enjoying our delicious dishes, such as Jambalaya and Gumbo.

Speaking of Gumbo, Naif and I reminisce often about going to Meemaw’s house for Thanksgiving. She is gone now, and we miss her so much. Her seafood gumbo was TO DIE FOR!!! And I really mean that; it was so rich, and loaded with shrimp, oysters and little crabs. I’m salivating as I type!

Naif is keeping the tradition alive, in her memory. He’s a great cook, too. She instilled the love of cooking and good food in him. Gaston asked me if Naif could give him the recipe, as he would like to try to make some also. I told him that I’d see if Naif would divulge his ‘secret’ recipe. Ha ha! It’s not really a secret.

Stay tuned for that recipe ….

We are thankful for those of you who have taken our Premier New Orleans Food Tour, and who have so kindly left a wonderful review. It is such a pleasure to guide our guests around the old French Quarter, and to see them enjoy our delicious historical New Orleans dishes. Plan your adventure with us now!


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