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Hello friends … Sandy here … boy, do I have a great story for you today!! You all know that I believe in ghosts … at least if I ever see one, I will! And, of course, October is the right month for ghost sightings.

Well, Gaston the Gator must have seen one, because he hit the door late last night, and his eyes were as big as saucers! I yelled “WHAT HAPPENED?!?!” He slammed his way through the door and immediately slithered directly under the bed. He was shaking like a leaf! It was as though he had just seen a ghost!! Oh my gosh, man! Speak! Tell me what’s happened, I demanded!! W-w-w-well, he said, with his teeth chattering, I-I-I-I had finished up doing my tour with The Premier New Orleans Food Tour around four. You-you-you know how much I love wandering the streets of the French Quarter, even though everyone shuns me when I smile at them. I can’t help it if I have 80 teeth!!

S-S-S-So, I was st-st-st-strolling down Pirate’s Alley, next to St. Louis Cathedral. It had gotten dark, and it was oh, so quiet … so very quiet. I started to feel goose bumps on my scaly little arms. I turned around to look behind me, and THERE HE WAS!!!! IT WAS THE GHOST OF A PIRATE!!! HE LOOKED MEAN AND UGLY!!! HE HAD A SWORD TUCKED UNDER HIS BELT!! AND … HE … WAS … COMING … DIRECTLY … AT … ME!!!!!! He loudly growled “MY NAME IS JEAN LAFITTE, AND THIS IS MY ALLEY!!!” Ooooooh, I yelled as I scrambled away from him! YOU CAN HAVE IT, BUDDY!!!! I took out for home as fast as I could. I ho-ho-hope he hasn’t followed me home!!!

Poor Gaston.

Sign up to take a food tour with The New Orleans Premier Food Tour today!  We are locally owned, and take a personal interest in each of our guests.  Our tour guides are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and FUN!  They will impart stories of our history, culture, and how our local foods came to be so famous.

Remember that our tour is great for groups!  Birthday parties, anniversaries, team building, family reunions, out of town friends and families – they will love it!

We made a good decision in hiring Gaston!  He’s a good worker.  He engages our guests, and allows them to hug him.  He’s always a gentleman, and never bites.  Unless you make him mad, that is.  (Don’t make him mad!)  He loves telling the guests about New Orleans’ history and food.  He told me his favorite food is chicken and sausage Cajun style gumbo.  Sounds about right … after all, he was raised in the bayous in Cajun country.

So come along with us, The Premier New Orleans Food Tour, and enjoy an afternoon of food, fun and history!

And remember, our tour is great for groups.  Birthdays, anniversaries, team building, family reunions, out of town friends and families – they will love it!



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