BlogSeptember 18, 2023by Sandy Shahady


Meet Gaston the Gator, our new mascot!

We hired him because he’s cute, entertaining and friendly.  All the guests on our tours want to hold him.  He loves to chow down on our famous and historic New Orleans cuisine, and is an accomplished chef.  We were lucky to get him.  When you take our tour, we will gladly introduce you.

How did this come about, you ask?  well, let me fill you in .  One day the hubby and I were taking a walk alongside historic Bayou St. John.  It is soo beautiful and peaceful there.  We saw an alligator swimming up to us.

He got closer and closer, and it seemed as though he wanted to say something to us.  We said “Hello, fella … how ‘ya doin’?”  And, believe it or not, he ANSWERED us!  He said “Hey, how y’all are?” just like they do in Cajun Country. We asked him where he was from, and he told us he came al the way from the Atchafalaya swamp.  I said “Oh, my gosh!  That’s a long way!”

We asked him “What brings you to New Orleans?”  He looked a little sad as he told us that living in the bayous was boring.  He said that he wanted a change, and that maybe living in the City would allow his inner fun self to emerge.

The hubby and I looked at each other — and we both had the same great idea!  “Hey!” we said – “Why don’t you come to work for us?” And the rest is history!